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ROD BENDERS                            



Designed to suit all workshop and factory requirements.
Where round material is to radius bent, the Reeve Rod
Bender promises to ease the load.


The Reeve 41B Rod Bender is ruggedly constructed so as
to easily handle the radius bending of steel rod up to a
recommended maximum of 1" diameter. The flat base can
be bolted or clamped in any position and the fully welded
bending arm is easily extended to provide additional
bending force. A set of rollers are included for forming 3", 4"
or 5" inside diameter bends.


METAL SHEARS                     






All purpose sheet metal shear and rod cutter. Quality
steel cast body ensures precise cutting of sheet metal
in all workshops.


The Reeve 70S Metal Shear guarantees accurate
sheet metal cutting and also incorporates a rod
cropping die. This workshop tool is ideally suited
to all engineering environments with cast steel body
and heat-treated and precision ground cutting blades.
Up to
3/16" material of infinite length is easily cut.
1/8" material up to 51/4
" wide can be
sheared. In addition a cut-off die has been built into
the blade for cropping up to
1/2" diameter rod. 

Other Products

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BAR BENDERS - For all general purpose bending

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