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B.R. Reeve Engineering
have been building and
supplying Australian farmers and industry a
range of effluent and sludge pumps for more
than 45 years. The company has a proud history
of producing high quality, all Australian
designed and manufactured equipment
and is
excited to now make available this new
generation Heavy Duty, Low Pressure
Travelling Irrigator.
The Reeve Irrigator has
been extensively tested on working farms over
the past 4 years and every aspect of its design
and operation has been engineered for maximum
performance and reliability.

The result is an Irrigator of particular Heavy Duty design and construction which is
ideal for use with either farm effluent - where it sprays your dairy or piggery waste
back onto pasture in the form of "free fertiliser"; or water - where large areas of
crop, parkland or even golf courses require controlled precipitation for the
maintenance and growth of grass or agricultural produce. The Reeve Irrigator has
been designed to operate over a wide pressure range, from as low as 20 psi
(135 kPa) to supply pressures at the Irrigator of up to 40psi (270 kPa).

  Manurain Sprinkler

The Wright Rain Manurain Sprinkler is an
efficient, low-cost rotating sprinkler specifically
designed for the handling of slurry. It will operate
satisfactorily over a very wide range of
pressures, and will distribute slurry evenly over
an unusually wide area.

A special non-clog rubber nozzle permits the passage of solids larger than the
nominal diameter of its orifice, virtually eliminating blockages. If, however, a
blockage should occur, the nozzle can be removed or replaced in a matter of
seconds. The whole unit has been designed to give long, trouble-free service
under year-round farm conditions, without the need for skilled maintenance. The
sprinkler body and swing arm are strongly made of corrosion resistant cast
aluminium; the swing arm spring, made from phosphor bronze and fully protected,
can be simply adjusted in the field for optimum performance, whilst a sealed brass
and nylon bearing prevents wear through the intrusion of abrasives.

The manurain sprinkler is mounted via a 2" B.S.P. connection on a specially
designed non-tip stand. Strongly made in corrosion protected steel, the stand is
fitted with a connection to standard 2" poly pipe.

NEW REEVE 3000 SERIES TRAVELLING IRRIGATOR -  Highlights of Technical Innovations
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